Plumbing and drainage cover
Burst pipes, blocked drains, faulty stopcocks and leaky loos: if only we could know when these unpleasant surprises will spring up.
With our plumbing and drainage cover, expert help is just a phone call away.

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You can sleep easy, our helpline’s open 24/7
Top features
  • undefined Call us 24/7 to book repairs
  • undefined Expert plumbing and drainage engineers
  • undefined Up to £2000 in repairs yearly and up to £1000 per claim
  • undefined Up to £150 per claim to restore surfaces damaged by us during repairs
  • undefined Up to £200 per claim towards a place to stay if your home is unliveable
Plumbing and drainage cover that keeps life flowing
  • callcenter
  • Know we'll be there
  • Depend on our 24/7 helpline to take your repair bookings. If you report an uncontrollable leak from 8am to 8pm, we aim to be there within 6 hours.

  • expert
  • Call on the experts
  • All our plumbing and drainage engineers are approved experts. Their skills include pipes, drains, cisterns, valves, taps and more.

  • protect
  • Protect what matters
  • You can claim up to £2000 in repairs per year. We'll solve problems big and small in your pipes, toilets, drains and cold water storage tanks.

  • extrasupport
  • Get extra support
  • We'll pay towards accommodation if your home is unliveable, and contribute to restoring any surfaces damaged during a repair.

Here’s why millions of UK customers trust us with their repairs


It's over 100 years since we started protecting things for our customers. Today, we’re the UK's leading specialist warranty provider.


There are no surprise costs for repairs with our plumbing and drainage cover. So you can just relax and know that we've got it covered.


Over 30,000 customers have left us 5-star reviews on Trustpilot. You can see how many say Domestic & General's service is 'quick', 'easy' and 'helpful'.
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Trustpilot scores reflect customer reviews of all Domestic & General plans.

Your questions

We’re always here to help.

What in my plumbing and drainage is covered?

Our plumbing and drainage policy covers you for a wide range of issues, from major faults to little nuisances. These include leaking or noisy pipes, blocked drains, non-flushing toilets, broken taps, and faulty cold water storage tanks.

Beyond the plumbing and drainage system itself, we’ll also ease the stress and hassle of repairs. If any surfaces are damaged by us during repairs, we’ll cover up to £150 per claim to restore them. And if we arrange a repair and your home is unliveable, there’s £200 per claim towards housing and transport for your family who live there permanently.

How fast will you repair a plumbing problem?

Plumbing systems can be unreliable, but our cover isn’t. If you report an uncontrollable leak between 8am and 8pm, we aim to have one of our engineers there within 6 hours.

How do I book a plumbing or drainage repair?

Simply by calling our helpline. It’s open 24 hours a day, all days of the year. Once you’ve told us about the problem, you can pick a good day for one of our engineers to arrive.

How long does plumbing and drainage cover last?

There’s no fixed term contract, so you can keep the cover for as long as you want. Payment is by monthly Direct Debit, with the ability to cancel at any time.

Who can buy plumbing and drainage cover?

First, the home needs to be a private residence that you own in the UK. We can’t provide cover if you are under 18 or not a UK resident. The home has to be occupied by a single household. Boats, mobile homes, commercial premises and outbuildings are not covered.