Get a quote for plumbing and drainage cover

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    In your plumbing:

  • Inlet and outlet connections for washing machines, dishwashers, sinks, showers, baths, toilets, sanitary ware, cold-water storage tanks and taps in the occupied building or up to 1 metre outside
  • The inside mains stopcock, and accessible water pipes from the stopcock to the items above
  • Control valves
  • Cold-water storage tanks
  • Standard toilet cistern mechanisms
  • Standard taps and non-ceramic tap washers

    In your drainage:

  • Accessible overflow pipes
  • Soil vent pipes
  • Drain pipes up to the connection to public or shared drains

    And also:

  • £150 per claim to restore surfaces we remove or damage during a repair
  • £200 per claim for transport or housing for your permanently resident family, if your home is unliveable