Frequently Asked Questions

Rogue traders

  • From time to time some customers tell us they have received a call from someone claiming to be from Domestic & General or D&G, or names sounding quite similar to ours.   Sometimes the caller may claim that they are “taking over from D&G” or that “D&G have gone bust”.

    These can be so called “Rogue Traders”, intent on selling you an alternate (and sometimes fake) plan in place of your D&G plan, or gaining bank account details or money from you through “phishing” conversations.

    One way you can tell if it is D&G calling is the telephone number itself. D&G only uses a small number of telephone lines, these are:

    • 0203 666 4358
    • 0203 820 7742
    • 0203 820 7743

    You can also contact us on:

    • 0800 597 8608 – Replacements
    • 0800 561 4493 – General Enquiries

    A call from any other number is not D&G.

    In particular, we have been alerted to calls coming from a Canterbury number. These begin with the code 01227. D&G doesn’t have any offices in Canterbury – so a call with this code is not D&G.
  • If you have given your financial details to a company thinking it was D&G – and now you suspect it isn’t D&G - you should contact your bank immediately for advice.
  • If you suspect that a company is acting fraudulently or dishonestly then you should contact Trading Standards and give them the details of what happened.

    If you would like D&G to help, please get in touch with us.  We investigate suspicious activity and where sufficient evidence exists we may take further action to protect our customers.

    0800 561 4493 – General Enquiries
  • Please call the D&G general enquiries line so that we can help and advise:

    0800 561 4493 – General Enquiries