Now that it's summer you can take your clothes to the garden to have them dried. But let's not forget that in the UK the weather will not always permit that so having a good tumble dryer in the house is highly worthwhile. Here are a few tips that will help you choose the right tumble dryer for you.

Vented or condensed?

When choosing a dryer you will be met with whether or not you want one that is vented or condensed, which essentially boils down to whether or not you want to use a hose or not.

Vented machines work by separating the damp air by removing it from the machine, so you will need a hose to get rid of the moisture. This can be put out of the window or you can have a vent fitted in your house. On the plus side, vented machines are cheaper than condensed ones.

Condensed dryers, on the other hand, put the water taken out of your clothes into a container. You can buy dryers which either allow you to do this manually or have yours set up so that the water is emptied using the plumbing attached to the washing machine. These tend to be more expensive than a vented machine but they require no hose.

Freestanding or built in?

Ask yourself whether you want to show off your new tumble dryer or whether you want it to blend with the rest of your kitchen or utility room when choosing between built in or freestanding.

Freestanding dryers will stand out so make sure you're prepared for it to be seen. Yet they're fairly easy to fit, which will make your life easier if you're planning a full refurb of wherever you keep it. If this seems like the best way to go for you then take some time to consider design as your dryer can become a style statement. On the other hand, it might be a smart option to match it up with your washing machine.

If you like to make sure everything matches then it could be worth opting for a built in dryer instead. These come with a flat front and a space to attach hinges so that you can hide it behind a cupboard door, disguising it with your other kitchen units. However, it's worth checking these have been included when you go to buy.

Choose your features wisely

The cheapest dryers will come with at least two heat settings, which might seem like all you need when shopping on a budget, but take a closer look at what's available as the price goes up to decide what could benefit you in the long run.

Sensor drying, for example, could help you save money on energy bills and is a much greener option. Rather than running on a set program, this senses when the moisture has been removed from the clothes and stops. What's more, you can choose how dry you want your clothes to be with options such as 'cupboard dry' or 'iron dry' available.

If convenience takes precedence over money then you can get dryers with crease reduction, which will save you time doing your ironing. Otherwise, you can change the spin speeds so that your clothes become less creased.

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