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View from inside a tumble dryer as a mixed race woman does white laundry

How to use a tumble dryer correctly


Tumble dryers are great if you want your clothes ready to wear in a jiffy. They make life simpler, saving us from hanging clothes on radiators or the washing line. Thankfully, using a tumble dryer isn’t rocket science. Still, there are a few tips you can learn about how to use a tumble dryer for best results.

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Mum and daughter doing the laundry together

Cost of running a tumble dryer


In the rainy UK, we can’t hang laundry outside for much of the year. So perhaps you’re looking at tumble dryers and wondering how much they cost to run. Or maybe you have a dryer and want to check it’s running efficiently. Either way, we’ll show you how to cut your running costs and save precious energy.

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