Everyone has their favourite thing about the summer.

It might be the smell of freshly cut grass that permeates the air on a regular basis as householders tend their lawns more closely. It might be the long, slow, warm evenings that are perfect for relaxing in, stretching out the days so they are more than just work and then sleep. But for many, the quintessential thing about the summer months is strawberries and cream.

Britain goes barmy for strawberries and cream for two weeks out of every year as the food has become absolutely synonymous with the Wimbledon tennis tournament. Whether it is perennial also-ran Tim Henman, adopted Brit Greg Rusedski or dour Scot Andy Murray we are cheering for, it feels as though we always do it with a bowl of strawberries and cream by our sides.

Why the summer?

Most of the fruits we buy in this country have to be imported from much warmer climates, so we get used to seeing them in the supermarkets at all times of the year.

But this is simply not the case with strawberries. As they grow right here in the UK, there is a distinct time of year when the shops are suddenly full of the sweet and juicy fruit.

Strawberries are refreshing to eat, so having a punnet of them to nibble on during the summer makes them a perfect fit. And drizzled with some cream they are an irresistible proposition.

Why Wimbledon?

Wimbledon is undoubtedly the global home of strawberries and cream and over the course of the two-week tournament in 2013, a whopping 28,000kg - about 112,000 punnets of the fruit was consumed by eager tennis spectators.

Some 8615 punnets are consumed per day, with punters getting about ten strawberries for their money, along with a generous dollop of cream to dip them in.

Strawberries are picked the day before being served at Wimbledon, arriving at the SW19 site first thing in the morning to be inspected before being divided up into punnets.

It's not clear exactly why there is such a clear link between strawberries and cream and Wimbledon, but the two are now inextricably linked and it's likely this will be the case forever more. Maybe it's simply because the food is perfect for eating during a day in the sunshine and that's essentially what going to Wimbledon is all about, along with the top class tennis, obviously.

An affordable treat

One of the reasons why strawberries and cream have become so very popular in the UK is the affordability of the food. A pot of cream can be picked up for around a pound and a huge punnet of strawberries is usually only a couple of quid, providing the whole family with a filling yet enjoyable dessert for a really quite low amount of money.

A portion of strawberries also counts as one of your five a day as well, so not just is it a treat, it is one which is good for you, as long as you go easy on that luscious cream of course.

The time of year strawberries appear in the shops varies each year depending on a variety of factors, but the day they arrive will be one of celebration in homes up and down the country.

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