But that turns into a vicious circle as the less often you vacuum, the longer it is going to take and the more you'll hate it as a result.

So do yourself a favour and follow these tips to make vacuuming a bit less unpleasant.

Regular maintenance

A malfunctioning vacuum cleaner can be hugely frustrating and make cleaning much more difficult. This is why it is so important to maintain the machine often, making sure the bag is changed on a regular basis and checking all the parts are working as they should.

Fail to do this and the chances are the vacuum cleaner will break down sooner rather than later, leaving you with the choice of forking out for a brand new machine or paying the expensive repair bills - all because you didn't look after it properly.

The bag on your vacuum cleaner will get full quicker than you think and if you wait until it's absolutely packed, the effectiveness of the vacuum will be minimised. So make sure you change it regularly to keep your vacuum in tip-top working order.

Use the right brushes

Most of us don't think too much about our vacuuming, which means our houses are nowhere near as clean and tidy as they should be.

You ought to take a little time to read the manual for your machine before using it and learn what all the different attachments and brushes are for - they aren't just included as a decoration.

Each has a subtle purpose of its own to improve the effectiveness of your vacuum cleaner, so make sure you're using the right one for each part of your house and you'll soon notice a clear improvement in how well your cleaner is working.

More than the floor

The floor might be where the vacuum cleaner does most of its best work, but that doesn't mean you should ignore it when you are cleaning the rest of your home.

There's actually loads of areas where the vacuum cleaner is the perfect tool for the job. Think about your mattress. When was the last time you cleaned it properly? It's probably a while ago. Did you realise you can use your vacuum cleaner on it? Mattresses tend to get full of dead skin, hair and dust unless you clean them, but you can get the majority of that stuff with your vacuum.

Similarly, household items such as lampshades, mirrors, cupboards, bins and light fittings can all use the occasional vacuuming to keep them clean. Even your walls can collect dust, so give them the once-over every now and again.

Final tips

Of course, even if you love to keep a clean house there will be occasions when you get caught out. A lazy weekend in front of the telly can quickly be ruined by a phone call from your parents who say they're on the way round. What to do?

Well, if you don't have time to tidy up, a good trick to make it look as though you're in the middle of cleaning up is to leave the vacuum cleaner out when they arrive.

That way, they'll excuse the mess as it's their fault for interrupting you. Clever, right? Be careful though, you can't use this trick on the same people too often.

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