Keeping your bathroom looking spick and span is extremely important, so as to avoid dirt, grime and bacteria from building up. Regularly deep-cleaning the bath, sink and toilet will help to maintain hygiene levels, giving you a bathroom you can be proud of.

But if you really want to go that extra mile, there's a lot more you can do around your bathroom than simply clean it.

Here are a few useful bathroom tips you may wish to follow:

Make it safe

It's known that the kitchen can pose many health and safety hazards, such as sharp knives being left around and the oven or hob not being turned off properly. Likewise, your bathroom can also turn into a danger zone, should you not take extra care.

Leaving sharp objects like scissors, nail clippers and razors lying around could fall into the hands of young children and cause harm. These should be secured in a drawer or cupboard where they'll be out of reach from little hands.

What's more, cleaning products such as bleach should also be stored safely away.

Prepare for guests

Whether you live alone or with a partner and children, it's likely you'll have guests to stay every now and again.

It is a good idea, therefore, to be prepared for their arrival. Keep a set of toothbrushes spare and assign a hand and body towel especially to visitors. That way, your guests will feel at home when they come to stay, without them feeling as though they're intruding on your personal space.

Store things away

Ensure you keep your bathroom tidy by storing things away after you've used them. Baths begin to look unkempt when they're lined with half-used products, so place your shampoos and conditioners into cabinets or drawers when they're not in use.

If your bathroom is particularly small, products left out will make it look cluttered and even smaller than it actually is. A clear, tidy room will create the illusion of a bigger space that's a lot more welcoming.

Not just this, but products left on top of sinks and round the sides of the bath can also lead to mould rings and grime build-up, so it's even more important to tuck them safely away.

Create a relaxing feel

Since you use your bathroom everyday, why not add a special touch by giving it a spa-like feel?

If you have some luxury products, display them on a shelf rather than hiding them away.

After a long, busy day, it's nice to get into the bath and unwind. So make the experience all the more relaxing by lighting some candles and incense sticks. Just remember to turn them out afterwards!

For an all-round fragrance, reed diffusers are a great idea and come in a range of fruity and floral scents.

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