Us Brits love spending time in our gardens during the summer months. After all, it's the only season we get to make proper use of these green spaces, with barbecues, parties and sunbathing all popular activities when the temperature begins to soar.

But having a nice garden takes time and effort, so it's important you plan ahead to make sure your outside space is in good condition for when the warmer months roll around.

This is where your household appliances have a part to play. While your garden is separate from your home, it could be argued the upkeep of your green area owes a lot to the various machines you have inside your house.

Washing and drying your clothes

Most of us have a summer wardrobe that - even though we can't wait to wear - is only suitable when the sun is shining.

As such, you'll have to do plenty of washing to make sure your bikinis, dresses, shorts and shirts are always ready to wear when the sun breaks through the clouds.

You might be surprised at how often you use your washing machine during the summer months. Getting rid of grass stains will become increasingly common, while other items will also require regular washing.

If you use a towel to sunbathe on in the garden, then you'll find this needs to be cleaned almost daily.

And while summer weather is great for drying your clothes outside on the washing line, you'll likely be reluctant to have your smalls out on display when you have guests round. This is where your dryer comes into its own. You'll be able to wash and dry your clothes with all visitors being none the wiser.

Cleaning your gardening gear

Gardening is becoming an increasingly popular pastime - and it only follows that the importance we put on the aesthetics of the inside of our homes should translate to our outside spaces.

Getting down on your hands and knees to tend to flowers and uproot plants is not great for your clothes, however, while working in the baking sun is likely to see your gardening garb becoming sweat-stained and clingy.

Looking after your gardening gear is therefore a must - and you'll likely have to use the hottest cycle that's safe for the fabric should you get any nasty grass stains on your knees or elbows.

Enjoying the sun - barbecues

Us Brits love a barbecue when the sun begins to shine. Yet while they might appear a simple way to host friends and family, a lot of work will need to go into preparing for a barbie.  Not only will you need to use your dishwasher to make sure your plates and cutlery are appropriately clean, you'll require lots of space in your fridge for all the food and beer you plan to consume.

What's more, ovens can be useful when preparing food that doesn't go on the barbecue - chips and garlic bread, for example - while your washing machine will need to clean any hand towels and tablecloths you use.

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