Tablets have been the hot new thing in the technology world in recent years, with early adopters rushing to snap up models such as the iPad from Apple and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

But many people have been holding back from buying a tablet - after all, these are serious bits of kits with a price tag to match - in some cases they can cost as much as £500.

So if you're still unsure of whether or not you need a tablet, read on.


The key selling point for a tablet over an alternative such as a laptop computer is that it is much more portable.

Models towards the top end of the range tend to be extremely light and thin and this makes it easy to carry them around on a daily basis. You won't need a specific bag like you do for a laptop.

This portability makes tablets perfect for when you are out and about, as they can connect easily to WiFi networks to get you online. But they can be handy around the house as well, as the fact they fit in your hand makes them much less cumbersome than some laptops.


Although some tablets come in not far from the £500 mark, plenty of budget tablets have been released on to the market in the last few months and they can do a great job as well.

Think about your laptop and how often you actually use it and consider how often you're peering at your smartphone to make out the text.

If you're after something in between phones and laptops then tablets are perfect and you can get a great model for around the £100 mark these days.


Although tablets are mainly useful for fun tasks such as surfing the web, watching movies, posting to social networks and playing games, they have a serious side as well.

You might find you can even trade in your work laptop for a tablet and enjoy the extra portability without losing too much functionality.

Cloud-hosted software such as Google Drive makes it easier than ever to work on documents on the go, and one of the top benefits of a tablet is how quickly you can switch from work mode to play mode.

The bottom line

At the end of the day, it's true that you probably don't really need a tablet computer, especially if you have a laptop PC that is still working perfectly well and won't need replacing for a while yet.

But tablets are a luxury purchase really and just like when smartphones first burst on to the scene, while you may not have seen the use of them at first, you couldn't live without it now.

With some great tablets coming in at around the £100 price point - though the best models are not far off the £500 landmark and you might have to save up some pennies for the status symbol that is the iPad - they don't have to break the bank.

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