There may seem to be endless extra features, like touchscreens and internet connectivity, that seem to serve little purpose beyond increasing the price.

However, there are some useful features to consider hidden amongst the ever-growing list.

For example, there are new technologies built into many fridges that can help to keep food fresher for longer. Given the many benefits of fresh produce, this can be a big help in cutting the amount of food waste in your family.

For those who are more impatient, there are fast-cooling technologies available. These have the potential to chill a can of drink in between five and 12 minutes. Perhaps this feature isn’t strictly necessary, but it could certainly be satisfying during hot summers. It can also be used to swiftly cool leftovers for those who like to cook in batches.

Extra space is also an important thing to consider in your choice of fridge. While a larger fridge is more expensive to run in terms of electricity, it can be a good choice for larger families (and possibly those with perpetually hungry teenagers as well), as it can keep store larger amounts of food. This means that you should only need to shop for food once a week. The extra space is also good for bargain hunters, as it allows you to buy special offers in bulk and keep them fresh, saving money in the long run.

It’s also worth considering the layout of shelves and drawers in a fridge. This can save you time and help avoid crushed groceries. When looking at your options, think about the sort of things you tend to buy. Would they be easiest to store in deep drawers, narrow shelves or in the fridge door?

Removable shelves can help increase your options when it comes to storing awkwardly sized or tall objects, while allowing for more, smaller storage spaces when necessary. Having plenty of compartments is a good way to cut down on the time you spend searching the fridge for essential ingredients.

The shelves themselves can also make your life easier. Look for ones that have a raised lip and sealed edges, as these can help limit the impact of any spills or leaks.

Ice dispensers in the fridge door can help to save space in the freezer. For those who like their drinks in glasses of all sizes, there are tall or detachable dispensers available, allowing you to avoid the difficulties of trying to tilt an oversized glass into an awkward space to get ice or water in it.

Dual cooling is another feature that deserves a second look. This is a system for fridge freezers that helps prevent smells and tastes from one device leaking into the other. If you like powerfully flavoured food, it will allow you to keep persistent and permeating smells like garlic and cumin out of your ice cream and frozen peas, which has got to be a good thing.

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