Boiler service: how much it costs and what to expect

Time flies. Doesn’t it? Just like your car’s MOT, your boiler inspection creeps up on you once a year. Before you know it, you’re pencilling in your next service. If you’ve ever wondered how much a boiler service costs and what’s involved in it — read on. Our guide explains why services can now be done and dusted in a matter of minutes to keep you safe and prevent any boiler repairs.

We’re also sharing a few of our most frequently asked questions to guide you through booking your boiler’s annual service.

So, how much does a boiler service cost?

The average cost for a boiler service in the UK depends on the boiler you have. But generally, for an oil, gas or combi boiler, you can expect to pay somewhere between £120 to £140 (including VAT).

Boiler annual service FAQs

Boiler maintenance and safety tips

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