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Wine coolers

Things to consider when choosing your new wine cooler


Capacity is simply how many bottles of wine your cooler can house. Manufactures usually list the number of bottles that their wine coolers can hold, but be aware that the numbers they provide are usually based on Bordeaux-style bottles.

Temperature zone

Most wine coolers come with 1 zone, meaning all your bottles will be kept at a similar temperature. Some wine coolers – usually larger ones – offer dual zones. That means you can store your red and white wines at different temperatures.

Extra features

A wine cooler keeps bottles in a specific position to make sure the corks don't dry out. Some models have UV-resistant doors that offer protection for your wine by blocking out harmful UV rays.

Energy rating

The amount of energy consumed depends on both the capacity and type of cooling technology your wine cooler uses. Smaller-capacity coolers will usually keep costs lower whilst larger coolers with a higher capacity may cost more to run.