Every winter, you hear the same thing over and over again. To save money on heating bills, lower your thermostat, turn down the boiler, and close the curtains at night. These may seem like no-brainers, but because they require a little sacrifice and commitment, not everyone’s doing them.  Some simply don’t want to turn their home’s ambient temperature down to 15 degrees – and that’s okay. There are plenty of other ways to reduce your energy usage that you may not have heard about yet. These unexpected tricks will negate some of the excess electricity used to heat your home, and may even result in noticeable savings. Try them out today!

Move lamps to corners

When it comes to lighting, placement is incredibly important. By moving your lamps to corners of the room, their light will be reflected off the adjoining walls. As a result, your room will be better-lit, and you won’t have to use such high wattage bulbs anymore. This little trick is an easy way to save energy you didn’t even realise you were wasting!

Insulate your boiler

Your boiler works extra hard in the winter. Give it a little something in return – a fibreglass insulation blanket. This’ll work effectively as a winter coat, reducing heat loss and saving a bit on electricity consumption.

Ditch the icemaker, if you have one

Go back to using old-fashioned ice trays. Automatic icemakers significantly increase your fridge/freezer’s energy use, whereas ice trays don’t at all. The adjustment is easier than you think, and well worth the money you’ll save in the long-term.

Have another cuppa

Hot drinks are an easy, inexpensive way to feel a little warmer and cosier inside your home. So if you’re struggling to resist the temptation to turn the heating up a few degrees, try having a nice, steaming cup of tea or coffee instead. If you still feel chilly, then go ahead and give in. Chances are you won’t – at least not for a bit.

Invite some mates over

The autumn and winter seasons are a time for family and friends, with several holidays scattered throughout the six month period. Make the most of the festive season and regularly invite people over for dinner, board games, or Downton Abbey – whatever you like! Any excuse’ll do, and you’ll get the added benefit of naturally heating your home. The more bodies in the house, the warmer it gets, and the more, the merrier, too!

Upgrade to an LCD TV, if you haven’t already

If your telly needs replacing, opt for an LCD TV – they’re much more energy-efficient than conventional models. Protect your investment with an extended warranty for added peace of mind.

Skip the meals out

Okay, so you’ll use a bit more energy by staying in rather than going out for tea, but because a home-cooked meal is almost always cheaper than one served at a restaurant, this’ll still save you money. Plus, using the oven will heat up your kitchen, and if you have an open-plan home, your living room as well. It’s a win-win!

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