DVDs and CDs tend to be prime candidates for this hoarding, but the good news is there are a handful of great ways to cash in on old, unwanted goods these days.

Even though it was always possible to swap old stuff for money via methods like newspaper adverts and trade-in deals in shops, the internet has driven a new explosion in this area.

But for those who are new to selling their old stuff, how do you get started?

Be ruthless

Moving house is a great time to have a big clear-out, but there's no need to wait for this before you decide what to keep and what to get rid of.

Loads of people have taken advantage of digital services like Spotify and Netflix to get rid of old CDs and DVDs and this is a trend that looks likely to pick up pace in the coming months and years. It is starting to look a bit quaint to have hundreds of films and albums taking up space in a crowded home when so much stuff is available online these days.

Of course, there will be some items you want to hold on to, perhaps because they have sentimental value or were gifts, but be careful when deciding what to sell and what to keep as the aim of the exercise is to get rid of as much as possible.

Choose your method

Once you've decided what you're selling, which can include old gear such as mobile phones, tablets, smartphones and other electrical goods as well as CDs and DVDs, you'll need to work out how to go about a sale.

If you want to do it all online, which is probably the easiest way to declutter your home and raise cash in the process, there are a few different sites that will let you check how much your items are worth before you commit to a sale. Fire up your laptop and do some research before picking which avenue to go down.

You can also consider offering your items in bundles on sites such as online auction provider eBay, although this can be a hit-and-miss way to sell your stuff and can take up a lot of time if you get really into it.

Of course, if you're feeling generous you can box up all the things you want to get rid of and drop them off at a local charity shop.

Set a target

A great way to ensure you don't give up and get bored with your decluttering project is to set a monetary goal you want to reach with selling your stuff.

Ideally this would go towards a specific purchase you've had in mind for some time, whether it is a holiday or something for the house such as a new television.

Most people have loads of old stuff they never use so cashing in can be a terrific way to raise a bit of money and you'll probably be surprised at how much you can raise.

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