The housing market has picked up in the last couple of years and now may be a good time to think about selling up and moving on a rung or two up the property ladder.

It can be overwhelming to think about how much needs to be done before you can sell your home, but taking it step by step is the best way to approach it.

Selling houses is difficult despite the improvement in the market, so you'll need to prepare your house properly if you want to get the best possible price for it, as well as a quick sale.

So what is the best way to go about preparing the house? Read on to find out.

Be objective

You have a soft spot for your home, especially if you've spent a number of years there, but you need to train yourself to look at your beloved property with fresh eyes.

The decor you've chosen might be perfect for you, but is it going to put others off? You might wish to redecorate in neutral tones to allow buyers to picture themselves putting their own stamp on the place.

Take a long hard look at the outside of your property. This is the first impression any potential buyer will get, so it's vital you make a good one. You'll be amazed how much difference sprucing up the outside of your home can make. Ensure the garden is kept tidy, if you have one, and a lick of paint on the front of the house can work wonders.


As soon as you've decided you're selling up, you need to think seriously about getting rid of the clutter you've accumulated over the years.

You might like to gaze upon heaps of books and DVDs on shelves all over the house, but too many personal items can make it hard for a buyer to picture themselves living there.

You want to present your house in a very particular way - somewhere a person can picture themselves making it a home of their own, but still allowing its own character to shine.

If your property has any special features then do your best to emphasise these.

Throw in extras

Once your home is on the market, you might want to think about what you're going to include in the sale. Some buyers will want a totally blank canvas to bring in their own stuff, but others will want a solid base to get started on, with carpets and curtains included in the final price.

White goods might also help to sweeten the deal if you don't mind buying a new washing machine or tumble dryer, while a cooker is another appliance you may wish to consider leaving behind. Bear in mind, however, that anything you decide to leave in the house will need to be replaced when you move into your own new home.

When your chosen estate agent is starting to carry out viewings, it's best to make yourself scarce as your presence can be off-putting for a buyer. They want to be able to project their own ideas on the place and if you're lurking around that can be more difficult.

Happy selling!

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