It is therefore essential that homeowners do all they can to make sure their boiler is in good working order at all times of the year.

But while people should call in the professionals if anything goes wrong with their boiler, in addition to having it serviced on a regular basis, there are certain steps individuals can take to reduce the likelihood of an issue arising.

By running their heating regularly, households can keep their system working effectively and make sure the boiler pump remains free of any grit. While people are likely to do this during colder spells, it is also recommended that this is performed in the summer when the system would not normally be switched on.

It is important that people keep their gas boiler free of blockages. This means individuals should refrain from covering the appliance or blocking the air vents, while the outside flues need to be kept free from obstruction.

One of the main problems with boilers that people need to be aware of is the risk of the system freezing. In cold weather, condensate pipes could become frozen and prevent the entire setup from functioning properly.

To prevent this, people can try leaving their heating on at a constantly low level when conditions are particularly cold.

While it is advisable that a Gas Safe Register approved heating engineer is called out for any issues with boilers, people could try placing a hot water bottle on a frozen pipe or pouring water on it before resetting the thermostat.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember with regard to boiler maintenance is to have the appliance serviced regularly.

It is recommended that this is carried out annually and it should only be conducted by a Gas Safe Registered engineer, who will make sure the system is up and running correctly.

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