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Integrated fridges

Things to consider when choosing your new integrated fridge


Fridge capacity is measured in litres, with 18 litres being the equivalent of one bag of shopping. For example, a 150-litre fridge will give you enough room to store 8 shopping bags. Up to 350 litres is ideal for medium-sized households, holding up to 19 shopping bags of food, and anything above that is suitable for larger households.


Most integrated fridges have a width of 55cm, with the exception being a 60cm under-counter model. The most common width and height dimensions are:

  1. (W) 55cm x (H) 88cm
  2. (W) 60cm x (H) 88cm
  3. (W) 55cm x (H) 177cm

However, the following are also available:

  1. (W) 55cm x (H) 102cm
  2. (W) 55cm x (H) 140cm
  3. (W) 55cm x (H) 157cm


Most models come with special compartments for different food types, like a salad crisper, egg tray, and dairy compartment. Some models also have a special compartment for keeping meat and fish at the perfect temperature, and a few have a wine rack as well.

Extra features

Some integrated fridges come with air-flow technology that circulates air evenly throughout the fridge. An antibacterial lining will reduce odours and prevent the build-up of mould, and super-cool settings rapidly reduce your fridge temperature to cool your food quicker.