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Integrated freezers

Things to consider when choosing your new integrated freezer

Measurements and fittings

There are two types of integrated freezer: under counter and integrated upright. Under-counter freezers are built under your kitchen worktop, whereas upright freezers fit in tall cabinets.

Under-counter freezers usually come with a 60cm width, with the following depth and height options:

  1. (D) 55cm x (H) 88cm
  2. (D) 55cm x (H) 177cm
  3. (D) 55cm x (H) 122cm (less common)


Freezer capacity is measured in litres, with 18 litres being the equivalent of one bag of shopping. For example, a 150-litre freezer will give you enough room to store 8 shopping bags. Up to 350 litres is ideal for medium-sized households, holding up to 19 shopping bags of food, and anything above that is suitable for larger households.

Energy rating

Integrated freezer energy ratings range from A++ to B, with A++ being the most energy efficient. You can check the energy rating of your replacement options by comparing their specifications.

Frost free

Frost-free technology means that cool air is passed evenly throughout the freezer, preventing a build-up of ice.

Food freshness

Some models have a special fast-freeze setting, allowing you to keep your frozen foods fresh after being at room temperature. It works by rapidly reducing the temperature in the freezer whenever you enable it.