The kitchen is increasingly described as the heartbeat of the home, with people using the space for entertaining friends and family more and more.

With that in mind, most of us will have considered splashing out on a few new kitchen gadgets to impress our loved ones, but what are the best ones that are available?


The arrival on to the kitchen scene of the George Foreman grills revolutionised cooking, providing a healthy alternative to frying meat.

Most households probably already have one of these in a cupboard, but a new grill can be a great nudge to be healthier - you won't believe how much fat drains off the food you cook on these and you'll wonder how you ever ate foods like steak, bacon and sausages fried.

Juicers and blenders

Another great piece of kitchen tech for those on a health kick is a juicer or a blender. These can be dead cheap to buy but you can also get machines with all sorts of modes and attachments if you're looking for something a bit fancier.

You can juice or blend basically anything - really, almost anything will go through one of these - and a fresh juice a day can be a huge improvement to your diet if you swap out soft drinks.


These are likely to be towards the top end of anyone's budget, but a mixer is a serious bit of kit and a fantastic addition to a kitchen for anyone who is keen on baking.

You can whip up a storm with one of these and you can turn your hand to cakes, bread or even something as fancy as meringues by using your mixer.

Buy one of these beauties and you'll wonder how you ever managed without one. If you're on a budget, consider going for a hand mixer or a stick blender instead - these will do some of the same jobs and also take up much less room in your cupboards.

Coffee machines

Britain's love of coffee has really taken off in recent years and a fancy cup from our favourite high street chain is a guilty daily pleasure for a lot of us.

But if you want to get really serious about your love of coffee, consider splashing out on a machine for your kitchen.

These range from fairly basic models to flashy pod style machines advertised on television by A-list Hollywood stars - it's worth shopping round to see what type suits you the best.

Coffee grinders can be a great addition to your kitchen as well if you're a big fan of beans.

Kitchen design tips

Once you've decided which new gadgets you want to splash out on to complement your trusty old cooker and microwave, you'll probably want to ensure they fit in with the style of your kitchen.

The stainless steel look is always a popular one among those who like a futuristic style in their home, while others will prefer to keep it simple with clean whites.

What's important is to make sure everything you buy for your kitchen matches and complements each other, otherwise it can have a jarring effect on the eye.

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