Here in the UK we're renowned for our fantastic festival season, with countless events arranged for throughout the summer to meet all different tastes. Whether it's the big headline acts of the world-famous Glastonbury Festival or the more chilled-out vibe of Hay Festival of Literature and Arts, you're guaranteed to find a gathering suitable for you.

When people turn their thoughts to festivals, music and camping are usually the first things that spring to mind. However, recent years have seen fashion becoming an increasingly important part of the festival-going experience, with people eager to look their best when hanging with their friends and going to see the bands they love.

Unfortunately, festivals are not always the best of places for clothes. We've all seen the pictures of those poor souls wading through the mud in their wellies while getting soaked by the rain. What's more, when the sun is shining people might go for days without washing as thoroughly as they would at home.

All this is far from ideal for you clothes - especially if you've bought a special dress or new shirt and shorts to stand out from the crowd.

It's therefore essential that you look after your clothes both at the festival and when you get back home.

Looking after your festival clothes

Here are three top tips to make sure your clothes survive the festival ordeal:

1 - Prepare for rain.  

British weather is always unpredictable - but none more so than when you're going to be spending three to five days in the great outdoors. Make sure you take clothes that'll be suitable for a downpour and thick enough to keep you warm when the temperature falls. A kagool, jumpers, trousers, wellies and an umbrella are therefore a must.

2 - Plastic ponchos are great.

 If you're determined to take your best clothes, then plastic ponchos are a great way to protect them. Not only are they cheap, they will keep you - and your outfit - dry, while also keeping you free of any mud.

3 - Clean your clothes straight away.

One of the most important things to remember when you get back from a festival is to wash your clothes immediately. We know it'll be tempting to just fling your bag on the floor as soon as you walk through the door, but making sure you load the washing machine sooner rather than later will do your clothes no end of good. Try and remove tough mud stains before putting them in the machine, as this will prevent the dirt from touching other clothes or clogging up the appliance.

Songs to listen to when cleaning your clothes:

If you're still in the festival spirit when you get home, then why not take inspiration from popular music as you get your clothes clean? Songs like these could be just what you need to get you in the cleaning mood:

Ella Fitzgerald - I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair

Christina Aguilera - Dirrty

TLC - No Scrubs

Rose Royce - Car Wash

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