When the sun shines through windows, it highlights every streak and stain, signalling that it's time to stop putting off the task of cleaning them.

Although window cleaning isn't the most exciting of jobs, it's one that requires plenty of patience and devotion. After all, once you've made the effort you'll be rewarded with glistening windows that put your neighbours' to shame.

So if you're wondering how to best clean your windows and blinds, follow these tips:

Antiseptic spray

As well as your windows, your blinds need to be cleaned too. You'll find that over time they gather dust and dirt that can leave them looking dull and drab.

Take a duster and gently dust away all traces of dirt. Next, spray your blinds with an antiseptic solution to slow down the process of dust build-up in the future.

Bleach-detergent solution

You may notice that your window frames are covered in in black or grey spots as a result of condensation. These can be tough to remove, so visit your local DIY store to pick up some bleach-detergent solution.

Before applying the solution to your window frames, wear rubber gloves to protect your hands, then carefully sponge the solution onto the spots. Leave it for ten minutes before taking a soft cloth and cleaning with warm water.

Floor wax

Since your outside windowsills are exposed to nature and rain on a regular basis, they are subject to collecting a lot of dirt quickly.

A fool-proof way of keeping them clean is to apply a coat of floor wax. This will help to protect them from the elements outside that are prone to making them dirty. What's more, the clean effect will last much longer than an ordinary detergent, so you won't have to clean them as often.

Air-conditioner filter

If your windows tend to get dirty surprisingly fast, it could be due to the filters of your heating or air-conditioning systems.

The filters work to trap dust, pollen and other particles around the home, but once full this dirt can build up on windows. You should, therefore, change your filters once every month or anytime you can't see through them when you hold them up to the light.

Ammonia solution

If you or someone you live with smokes indoors, this could affect the cleanliness of your windows and leave them with coated in a film of nicotine.

In order to get rid of this, mix one cup of lemon-scented ammonia with 9.5 litres of water. Use this solution to clean your windows. The ammonia will work to combat any grime, while the lemon scent will leave your home feeling fresh and clean.

To protect your windows from second-hand smoke in the future, it's best to not bring any smoke indoors. Not only will it affect your health, but it can seep into clothes and furniture too.

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