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Chest freezers

Things to consider when choosing your new chest freezer


Chest freezers start off at a 100-litre capacity, which will hold around 5 bags of shopping. They range all the way up to 400-litre models that can hold 22 bags of shopping.

Outside storage

The majority of chest freezers are built to work in colder environments, so you can store them in your garage or outbuilding. From -15°C up to 43°C, most chest freezers work within a wide temperature range. Have a look at the specifications and check the temperatures that your replacement options can work in.

Safety features

Most chest freezers have a temperature warning light. This lets you know when the temperature inside is either too hot or too cold. For added safety, look out for a model with a child lock.

Counterbalanced lid

A counterbalanced lid stays open without the need to hold it up, meaning you can use both hands to load and unload your chest freezer. See if your replacement options include this by comparing the specifications.