Purchasing a dishwasher is therefore likely to be a consideration for those who no longer wish - or have the time - to clean their own pots and pans, while technological advances might result in current owners wanting to upgrade to a newer model.

However, there are many different types of machine available - and choosing the right one may seem difficult at first. But buyers can be sure they get hold of the machine best suited to their needs by breaking down their requirements and thinking about what they want to get from the appliance.

Five things to consider when buying a new dishwasher

1 - Size

Depending on the available space in their kitchen, customers can choose from full-sized, slimline, compact, integrated and semi-integrated models. Not only should buyers consider the physical size of the appliance, but also think about how often they will use it and the number of place settings it is able to wash at any one time.

2 - Programmes

Different dishwashers are likely to have slight variations when it comes to programmes. While most will have general, economy and light cycles, other appliances may boast a rinse and hold function or one designed specifically for glasses.

3 - Features

Flexible racks and baskets may prove useful for those looking to load heavier items into the machine, while a delayed start option enables people to time cycles that fit in with their schedule.

4 - Energy efficiency

Dishwashers are given an energy efficiency rating of between A and G. Customers looking to reduce their energy use or do their bit for the environment may wish to bear this in mind when choosing a product.

5 - Installation

Not only does there have to be enough room in the kitchen for the dishwasher to fit into, buyers also need to think about how the item will be delivered and taken through to this space.

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