Dishwashers are a godsend for those of us wanting to spend less time at the kitchen sink. Most versions these days come with a range of settings to choose from, depending on the kitchenware, glass and utensils you’re washing. But how many of us understand what all these symbols mean?

In this article, you’ll find some of the most common dishwasher symbols explained.

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Cleaning program symbols

Here we’re going to look at the various cleaning programs that might feature on your dishwasher. These can vary between models or depending on the size of dishwasher you have.

Dishwasher care symbols

Dishwasher safe symbols often appear as a couple of circles, usually one smaller and one larger, representing plates. They look like they’re being rained on, either with images of water droplets or diagonal lines.

If you see this symbol, it means you can go ahead and put it in the dishwasher. Look closely though as sometimes the symbol says that the item should only be placed in the top rack where there’ll be less pressure on it.

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