Product Replacement: Step-by-step guide

This guide is here to help you order your replacement product online. Let's get started!

1. When you need a replacement2. Choose your product online3. Add installation or recycling4. Protect your new appliance5. Complete your order
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1. When you need a replacement

If the engineer finds your broken product can't be repaired, they'll tell us within 48 hours of their last visit to you.

Once they've told us, we'll send you a text or email about replacing your product. That will include a phone number or a link.

If it's a phone number, call us to order your new product. If it's a link, follow that to order online.

What happens to your plan

If we find your product can't be repaired, that means your plan for that product will end. If we can, we'll give you the option to buy a new policy when you order your new product. This depends on your appliance, its manufacturer and the type of plan you had.

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2. Choose your product online

To view the products available, follow the link in the text or email we will have sent you. The link doesn't have an expiry date so you can use it whenever you need.

We regularly update our website to show the products that are in stock at the time. This means the products we offer you may change over time, and also the fees for enhanced models.

See the available models

The first page has a short intro that you can skip or read through. After that, at the top of the page you'll see the details of your broken product and your old plan.

The next section down shows the new models you can choose. These will have similar specifications to the broken product you're replacing.

Sometimes you'll have the option to choose an upgraded model for an additional fee. If so, you'll see that at the bottom of the page.

Look at a single model

To see more details about a model, just click 'Find out more'. This will take you to a product details page where you'll see an overview and a full table of specifications.

Compare several models

You can compare two new models with the product you're replacing at once. If we don't have your old product's specifications, you can compare three new models with each other instead.

Select the models you want to compare by clicking 'Compare my product' on each one. Then click the blue button that appears saying 'Compare models'.

Continue and you'll see a table showing the full specifications of each model side by side. To see how the models differ, you can select 'Only show differences'.

Check the key features

It's important to double-check the product's specifications before ordering, especially:

  • The product's colour
  • Whether it's integrated or free-standing
  • Whether it will fit in the space

When looking at the product's size, be aware that it will be delivered to the room in its packaging. So you should check that your doors are wide enough to allow for the product plus its packaging.

As an example, here is the size of an American fridge freezer with and without packaging:

  • Unpackaged – (H) 178cm x (W) 90.8cm x (D) 69.2cm
  • Packaged – (H) 190.7cm x (W) 97.4cm x (D) 77.6cm

Select a model to order

When you find a model that suits you, click 'Select' to move on. You'll land on a page where you can review the product details.

If you're happy, click the blue button saying 'I want this one'.

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3. Add installation or recycling

After you select a model, we'll offer you services like installation and recycling if we can. This depends on the product you're ordering and its supplier.

If you choose one of these paid services, they'll be added to the basket you'll see on the next page.

Prepare for installation or recycling

If you want your old product recycled, it's important to prepare it first. Or if you book installation for your new product, there are also things to check before it's delivered.

You can find full details of this and related questions in our product replacement FAQs:

  • Preparing for installation or recycling
  • How stairs can affect deliveries
  • Keeping your old product
  • Getting a product disconnected
  • When installation will happen
  • Installation of integrated appliances

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4. Protect your new appliance

At this point, the plan you had for your broken appliance will have ended. Don't worry though, we'll offer you a new policy for the replacement appliance if we can. This depends on your appliance, its manufacturer and the type of plan you had before.

Check the policy's right for you

Before buying, you should check what's included and not included in the new policy. Also please read the policy terms and conditions and the Insurance Product Information Document carefully.

When you add the protection policy, this is added to the basket you'll see on the next page.

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5. Complete your order

After you've added any services or protection, you'll reach the 'Complete your order' page. At the top is a summary of any payments you'll make. Click 'Show purchase details for a full view of these.

Check your delivery details

In the section underneath you can change your delivery details and give us special instructions if needed.

Make or set up any payments

If you've chosen to purchase a new policy, you can change or confirm your Direct Debit information. If you've chosen a paid service like installation or recycling, you can pay on this page by card.

Then you just need to confirm your order and you'll see all these details on the confirmation page.

Looking for more help?

Check out these helpful answers, or talk to us on live chat on our FAQs page.

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