We spend a lot of money on our gym kit and keeping it fresh and fit for purpose is a challenge in itself.  After hours of running, HIIT or sports, the sweat wicking technology of most modern sportswear means it needs to be looked after to keep it clean and fresh!

We have compiled our top hints and tips to keep your kit working as hard as you do.

Let it breathe!

One of the first hints is to give your sportswear some air.  When you change after working out, either air your clothes or lay them at the top of your gym bag and give them an hour plus when you get home before you wash them.

Keep the stretch…

Heat is the enemy for the elastane in your kit and we recommend dropping your temperature as low as 20c when washing to ensure it stays squat proof.

Banish the fabric conditioner

Unlike natural fabrics, the synthetic fibres in our gym kit do not need fabric conditioner, in fact it is the opposite.  Fabric conditioner can lead to a build up of bacteria, which will leave your clothes smelling great initially but that won’t last long!

And as with heat, you really want to avoid fabric conditioner which stays on your clothes and attracts bacteria.

Gym rack to drying rack

Always air dry your gym clothes!  Avoid heat during the wash means no tumble dryer too.  Again, this is all about the elastane in your kit that will deteriorate the performance particularly on leggings and short waist bands.

Inside out works best

Turning your clothes inside out is another easy win for gym kit.  The build up of sweat and antiperspirant will be on the inside of your clothes so this quick trick will help your washing machine remove all of this.

As an added bonus this will also reduce the number of pulls and catches on your favourite shorts!

Specialist washing products

There are some products specifically designed for sports wear and alternative solutions to keep them fresh for longer.

The Lab Collective Sports & Swimwear Wash 500ml

Hailed as a ‘natural detergent that is powerful enough to deal with activewear and swimwear’. This wash is designed to hit the big odours, tough stains like grass and mud but also eliminate salt and chlorine that can damage most swimming attire.

Dettol Antibacterial Laundry Cleanser Active 1.5L

Dettol laundry cleanser aims to kill 99.9% of bacteria, even below 20c so that your laundry is hygienically clean every time.  Scientifically proven to prevent the lingering of odours and sweat on your kit, its advanced malodour formula keeps your kit fresh and free from bacteria.

2Toms Stink Free Sports Detergent 30oz

Stink Free Sports Detergent is guaranteed to remove all odours and stains in your high performance athletic apparel! Stink Free Sports Detergent uses a high-end residue lifter to restore clothing performance and breath ability.

Grangers Active Wash 750ml

This is a high-performance wash-in cleaner designed to remove dirt, sweat and odours from all activewear.

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