Imagine if the manufacturer of the fridge in your kitchen realised there was a serious fault with it. Would they know how to contact you to let you know there was a safety recall on it?

According to Government statistics, there are more than 210 million appliances being used in homes across the UK. Yet just under half the population (49%) have never registered an appliance. This adds up to some 100 million appliances across the UK being untraceable in the event of a recall.

The Register My Appliance portal aims to make it easy for you to quickly register and find out any safety information about the appliances in your home. You don’t need receipts or any information about where you bought them. Also, you don’t need to worry about any personal data that’s shared with the manufacturer. They can only use it to contact you if there’s a recall.

For each appliance you register, you’ll just need to know the following information:

  • Brand
  • Model name/number
  • Serial number
  • Purchase date (if this isn’t known, an approximate date will do)

There are up to 60 major brands available in the portal to choose from, so it’s likely that you’ll be able to register most, if not all, of the major appliances in your homes. Those bought second-hand or already in your home when you moved in, can be recorded too if they’re under 12 years old.

Registering your appliances is recognised as a critical home safety precaution by Fire and Rescue services nationwide, the Office of Product of Safety and Standards, the Home Office, and consumer groups.

By registering your appliances, you can be confident that you’ll never miss out on recalls that apply to them. Occasionally, manufacturers may identify problems with an appliance once it’s been in use for years. They’ll need to contact you to get the fault corrected as quickly as possible. Usually, the issue is resolved with a quick visit from a qualified engineer.

In some cases, registering your appliance can also save you money by offering you an extended warranty or guarantee period.

To increase the safety and life of home appliances, the Register My Appliance portal also offers:

  • Appliance safety repairs and recalls listings
  • Hints and tips on household safety
  • Recommendations for appliance care

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