In today's economy, finding ways to trim expenses and keep energy bills manageable is a top priority for many. While we can't control overall energy prices, there are small adjustments we can make at home that can add up to significant savings.

To avoid surprise costs if your appliances break down, why not insure them- a bill to repair your washing machine could put all your energy saving efforts to waste!


Here are five savvy strategies I employ as an appliance expert at Domestic & General that could cut costs and maximise efficiency with my appliances.

Washing Machine Wisdom:

  • Pre-soak heavily soiled clothing to avoid washing twice.
  • Ensure the machine is fully loaded before running a cycle.
  • Opt for lower temperature washes, like 30 degrees, for lightly soiled laundry.

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Dishwasher Efficiency:

  • Skip pre-rinsing dishes but scrape off solid leftovers.
  • Load the dishwasher to full capacity to maximise each cycle.
  • Take advantage of timer settings, especially if you're on a time-of-use energy plan.

Fridge Freezer Tactics:

  • Avoid overfilling to ensure proper air circulation.
  • Maintain recommended temperature settings (3-5°C for the fridge, -18°C for the freezer).
  • Keep door seals clean and promptly repair any faults to prevent energy wastage.

Oven optimisation:

  • Where possible, use ceramic or glass dishes in the oven, rather than metal (they’re better at retaining heat)
  • Thaw frozen items before cooking to reduce energy consumption.
  • Regularly check and clean oven door seals to prevent heat loss.

Tumble Dryer Tactics:

  • Spin wet laundry at a high speed in the washing machine before drying to reduce moisture.
  • Keep filters clean and free of lint to maintain dryer efficiency.
  • Dry multiple loads consecutively to capitalise on residual heat and minimise energy waste.

Bonus Tip: Embrace Air Drying

One of the most effective ways to save money on tumble drying is to use nature's resources. If you have outdoor space, consider hanging laundry to air dry instead of using the dryer. This not only saves energy and money but can also extend the life of your clothing.

About the author

Ian Palmer-Smith

With 39 years working in operations, appliance maintenance and repairs. Ian is our go to expert for all things appliances. He is known for having the answer to any boiler query or washing machine debate on the tip of his tongue. Ian regularly contributes to the blog to share his wisdom further afield and help people out when our appliances aren’t working as we expect.

Last year, Ian was recognised as a finalist in the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers’ Gas Leadership Award, a testament to his authority in the industry.

Ian is passionate about promoting awareness for carbon monoxide safety and has even represented Domestic and General at the House of Commons to discuss the importance of carbon monoxide safety around the home.

When not at work, Ian is occupied by taxing his sons to various sporting events, watching  football, rugby and more sports,.

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