At Domestic & General, we're continuing to work and grow towards becoming more sustainable; however, we're on a journey, but excited for what is to come. One of the best things we can do for the planet is to repair or recycle. The less waste, the less CO2 emissions, waste output and water usage required to build and buy new.

Repairing is one thing. But what about older appliances that you’ve either outgrown or need to leave behind as you begin a new chapter, or move to a new home? We may not realise that these items are still in good condition, and that they can be recycled and used again in a new forever home.

As we continue to believe in the powerful act of repairing and reusing appliances, how can we get more people on board? In 2021, supported by CVC and through their Eco Grant Initiative, our vision of promoting and encouraging sustainability through repairing and recycling your appliances, became a reality.

With all that in mind, we're very proud to share with you our very own Van for Good.

So, what is Van for Good?

Our Van for Good is a fully electric vehicle that we will be using to promote community recycling and repair schemes across 2022 and beyond. This will include things like a community recycling and repair scheme, Commonwealth Games activation programme, and longer-term community re-use support to name just a few.

Together with both a tech for good charity (more to come on this soon…) and with the Reuse Network, we can give consumers and our customer's regular opportunities to donate their pre-loved household goods.

It's not just any old electric van that you'll see out and about on the road. We've worked in collaboration with our lead in-house designer to make sure our van stands out from the crowd (of vehicles) and leaves a lasting impact.

Our chosen full van wrap design encompasses the core elements of our overall objectives of sustainability and community, with a flair. A big thank you to the team at Wrap Graphics in North London, for bringing our vision to life.

What’s next?

Birmingham 2022 aims to be the first carbon-neutral Games in history, amplifying the importance of sustainability to a global audience. Sponsoring the Games gets our message out there to more people. More people who can take small actions to make a big difference. Find out more about our sponsorship and the games.

If you're visiting the Commonwealth Games this year, please keep an eye out for us. And if you see our Van for Good out and about on the road or at events, do tweet, message us or even TikTok our Van and hashtag it with #vanforgood, we would love to see it.

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