When it comes to choosing any fridge — be it brand new or second-hand — many of the things to consider stay the same. After all, a fridge is a straight-forward appliance so you’re just looking to make sure it’s fit for purpose.

However, there are some extra questions you should ask specifically when choosing to freecycle — that is reusing and recycling white goods (like a second-hand fridge) simply because you won’t have the same manufacturer’s guarantees or warranties.

Questions to ask before getting a used fridge

Have a list of questions ready to ask the seller about the used fridge that you’re interested in bringing home. Asking the right questions will help you quickly determine if it’s right for you.

Research the brand and model

Once you’ve asked the top-line questions and have an understanding of the condition of the fridge, you should take a deeper look at the brand name and the model.

Through trade publications, online reviews and other research, you can find out what others are saying about the manufacturer, how durable their fridges have been, any potential warning signs or recurring problems and even its energy efficiency.

Measure the fridge and your space first

Unlike buying new, you’re likely unable to return a second-hand fridge if your eye wasn’t quite accurate when it came to sizing up the space.

Get your new-old fridge protected

If you’ve done the research and gone ahead with getting a second-hand fridge, the next step is checking to see if you can get cover.

Domestic & General make it easy to find out if you can protect your white goods.

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