Most of us simply do not have time for designated laundry days - there are just too many other chores and activities that require our immediate attention. Work, socialising and life tend to get in the way of this tedious, but important task, and as a result, the dirty laundry pile grows to epic proportions before we do anything about it. But it doesn’t have to be that way; doing the laundry can be a breeze rather than an enormous hassle if you take advantage of these time-saving features.

High capacity

If you feel like laundry is taking over your life (especially if you have kids), then it might be worth switching to a high capacity washing machine. With a drum size of eight to twelve kilograms, these appliances can hold a much bigger load than your average washer. As a result, fewer loads will be needed, drastically reducing your overall laundry time. If you’re a heavy user of your washing machine, often doing five or more washes per week, a large capacity appliance can save you hours of precious time.

Quiet operation

A quiet washing machine will change the way you do laundry. Instead of being constrained to daylight hours to avoid disrupting a sleeping child or distracting from evening telly, a virtually silent machine will allow you to run laundry at any time that is convenient for you. Set your washer-dryer overnight and wake up to a clean load of laundry, or wash tea towels and work clothes in the evening without fear of disruptive noises and vibration.

Fast spin speed

Faster spin speeds extract more moisture from clothes, shortening the amount of time it’ll take to dry them on the rack or in the tumble-dryer. When it comes to washing thick fabrics like denim or wool, high spin speeds of 1,400 to 1,600 revolutions per minute are especially useful.

Quick wash

Most machines have a quick wash setting which allows you to wash a small load quickly - a useful feature if you’re pressed for time and want to wear a particular outfit. Similarly, if you’ve forgotten to wash your work uniform or workout kit, this feature is a huge help.

Remote controls

Some super advanced washers allow you to monitor and control cycles remotely through a downloadable laundry app. This innovative feature allows you to change the cycle as needed and will even notify you when laundry is done. If you’ve got loads of dirty clothes to wash but can’t spare the time to stay at home, this feature is perfect for you.

Efficient cycles

Anything that is worth doing is worth doing well, so opt for a washer that gets the job done right the first time. New models are designed to be more energy-efficient and effective, thus eliminating the need to re-wash loads of laundry. They get clothes cleaner than ever before, and are well worth investing in, especially when you consider how much time and energy you will save.

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