Technology has moved on so much in the world of televisions in recent years that we've gone from curved screens to flat screens and now we're back to curved screens - it can be very confusing if you don't make an effort to keep up with the latest trends.

But whatever type of television you choose to buy, many of the steps you need to go through will be the same, so read on for our tips on getting the perfect TV setup in your home.

Choose the location

It would be easy and obvious to replace your old screen with a new TV and simply put it in the same part of your living room.

But take the chance to look round and see if you can move around your furniture to come up with a more appealing layout for the room that uses all the space in a more effective way.

Most of us are finding we are living in the same home for longer, so it's well worth thinking about how you can change things up to keep them fresh.

If you've had your TV set up on a stand, consider mounting your new set on the wall instead - this typically frees up a large amount of space and also means that everyone in the room will get a clearer view of the screen.

Wall mounting kits are pretty cheap and easy to get a hold of, but it is definitely a two-person job so if you do want to put your television on the wall, enlist the help of a friend or a family member before starting the job or you could have a broken TV on your hands before you've even had the chance to drink in the display of the new set.

Tuck away cables

As the number of gadgets we use in the home continues to rise, so does the number of cables we have cluttering up the place, making it look untidy and providing a tripping hazard.

Place your television in a part of the room where it will be easy to keep cables tucked away out of sight. You're probably going to have various connections coming in and out of the set, so you could have loads of cables getting in the way.

It's worth spending a small amount of money on cable ties or similar products that can help you to keep your lounge tidy and appealing to the eye.

Play with settings

Most of us never ever change the settings on our television, trusting that the way it is set up out of the box will be the right way to do it.

However, it's well worth having a tinker with the settings of the screen to see if you can come up with a more attractive display. Everyone's tastes are different so it's unlikely you'll want it to look exactly as it does when it comes out of the box.

Don't worry about making a mess of it as you can always restore the factory settings if you decide you liked it better how it used to be anyway.

There's plenty to think about when you get your new TV home, but in a short while you can be watching your favourite shows on a screen that's perfect for your home.

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