Long, hot days stuck in the office are no fun at all, so it's only natural people flock to foreign climates to make the most of the great weather.

But preparing for a holiday can be a bit of a nightmare unless you have a plan, so read on to make sure you don't miss anything out.


Without an updated passport, you're not likely to get very far at all and it would be pretty devastating to get turned away at the airport because you forgot your documents had run out.

Before you even think about booking a break abroad, check your passport to ensure you will be able to travel. It can take a few weeks for passport applications to be processed and you don't want to be eagerly awaiting a visit from the postman just a few days before your departure date. Going on holiday can be stressful enough.

Make sure your passport is in date before booking and check the same for anyone you are travelling with. You don't want to have to leave a loved one behind.


It's a very strange person indeed who enjoys the act of packing, but it is a necessary evil if you want to soak up the sun in a foreign country this summer.

Perhaps the best way to approach packing is to space it out and don't force yourself to do it all in one go. Remember that airlines have very strict regulations about the size and weight of items so ensure you stick to them - check before you set off as you don't want to be throwing stuff away in the middle of an airport.

You'll also need to read up on the latest guidelines for what you can and cannot take on as hand luggage. You'll probably have to buy special mini toiletries for your travels, as you are restricted in terms of how much you can take on board in a liquid form.

Holiday shopping

Maybe the most exciting thing about getting ready to go on holiday is shopping. It really starts to get you in the mood when you're picking out new clothes and footwear for your vacation in the sun. Make sure everything you buy fits and as always, it's worth taking a friend with you when you hit the shops so they can stop you buying anything that looks truly terrible on you.

You've probably got plenty of holiday wardrobe items left over from previous breaks, so check through your closets in advance and you might be able to save yourself a few quid by recycling your outfits - money you can then spend on euros or whatever currency your chosen destination is using.

On the day

Departure day is probably the most stressful part of holiday preparation, as it is when there is the most scope for something to go wrong. Ensure all your important travel documents - insurance, passports, hotel details, booking passes and so on - are kept safe and secure and with you.

Set an alarm so you have plenty of time to get to the airport and allow extra hours for traffic delays or train cancellations

Above all, try not to panic too much and enjoy it! You deserve it.

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