This not only means cleaning the machines regularly, but also keeping an eye on the food kept in them and defrosting the freezer as and when required.

Nobody likes the idea of the place where they keep food being dirty, so it is essential owners take the time to wipe down their fridge on a regular basis.

This should be done by removing all produce and drinks before taking out the racks and drawers, including glass and plastic shelves. These need to be allowed to reach room temperature before being washed in warm detergent, rinsed and wiped dry.

For the fridge compartment, baking soda solution can be effective, while one way of getting rid of food or mould from the drain hole found towards the back of the space is to use a coat hanger wire.

To prevent the appliance from becoming smelly, homeowners should keep an eye on all produce stored, especially checking to make sure it does not exceed its use-by date, while tupperware and compartments can be used for items such as cheese that can be particularly stinky if not covered properly.

In an effort to keep their freezer working efficiently, people should defrost the appliance every four to six months.

Frost forms on the interior of a freezer as a result of warm air entering and becoming trapped when the door is closed. Thick layers can reduce the efficiency of a freezer, while it can also make it more difficult for users to get items in and out.

To defrost the appliance, people should first unplug it from the power source and remove all food. Newspaper or blankets can be used to wrap the produce in before they are placed in the fridge or an ice box.

All baskets should be removed from the freezer for washing with warm soapy water, while placing bowls of hot water in the interior of the appliance can speed up the process of melting the ice.

People should resist the urge to use sharp instruments to remove the ice, instead using their hands to pull it away.

When this is done, the freezer can be cleaned, turned back on and re-stocked.

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