Summer is a time when many of us get down and dirty. From festivals to hikes through the woods, to frisbee in the park or a sweaty tennis match - we’ve all got outdoor activities to fill our time with. Consequently, dirty laundry has a way of piling up. Before you know it, you’ve got a basketful of dirty clothing, and you’d better hope your washer-dryer’s up to the task.

Many of us don’t look after our washer-dryers like we should. It’s easy to overlook our appliances as we focus on other aspects of our lives, like the demands of parenthood, our career, personal fitness and social lives. Some things, like white goods and home maintenance, often get lost in the balance.

However, this time of year, it’s imperative that your appliances are functioning as normal to keep pace with your busy lifestyle. Ensure your washer-dryer is ready to take on hordes of messy clothes and get them sparkling clean to boot, so you can enjoy the season in style.

Clean the filter regularly

Clean your lint filter frequently to keep your clothes clean, prevent fires and prolong the lifespan of your clothes dryer.

Simply roll up the lint and toss it in the bin. If you come across any stubborn, stuck-on pieces, rinse the filter and scrub it thoroughly, until remaining pieces are removed. Dry the filter completely before you put it back in your dryer. It’s a good idea to clean the lint filter after every load of laundry to make sure your machine continues running smoothly.

Lift the lid

Here’s a trick many people don’t know: you should always leave your washer door open when the appliance is not in use. After a load of laundry, propping the lid open will allow moisture to escape and prevent mildew from building up inside the drum of your washing machine. In turn, clothes will come out cleaner and fresher - just what you need on hot summer days!

Regularly clean your machine

Another way to keep your washer-dryer sparkling clean is to wipe it down about once a week. Using a damp cloth, scrub down the inside drum of your machine to collect soapy residue, lint and dirt buildup. This step is crucial immediately following a heavy load of muddy clothes, otherwise dirt will dry inside your washer.

While you’re at it, clean the fabric softener dispenser as instructed in the product manual.

In addition, use a solution of mild dishwashing liquid and water to clean the outside of your machine - the gentle suds will remove grease and stuck-on grime.

Check hoses

Frequently check the hoses that connect to the back of your machine. Replace them at the first sign of wear - worn hoses can burst, releasing large volumes of water onto your floor, which could cause stains and permanent damage.

Keep the lint duct clean

To maximise the energy efficiency of your dryer, check the lint duct and clean it regularly with a vacuum. Furthermore, inspect the outside vent for built up debris and lint which could trap air inside your machine.

Don't take your washer-dryer for granted

Take good care of your washer-dryer to ensure nothing slows down your busy lifestyle. Summer is all about maintaining a carefree attitude, playing outdoors and reconnecting with your inner kid - achieve all three with a clean, efficient washing and drying machine.

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