While you may be excited at the thought of going to pick up your little pooch, there's a lot to consider before you do, including preparing your home for its arrival.

There's a lot more to do than simply tidy your belongings away though, since your home is likely to pose many dangers for an inquisitive puppy.

In case you're wondering how to best prepare your home for a new puppy, read on:


Your home may be dotted around with various houseplants, but while it's nice to have these on show, your four-legged friend is likely to come into contact with them. Certain plants are poisonous to dogs and when chewed could cause stomach problems or life-threatening conditions.

What's more, dogs like digging, so it's best to remove all indoor plants to avoid your rugs and carpets being covered in soil.

If you have a greenhouse, transfer your plants there, or give them to a family member or friend to look after until you've house-trained your pet.


It goes without saying that puppies love to chew things they shouldn't, and sometimes they may get their teeth into fixtures around the home that could cause serious harm, such as electrical cables.

If you have cables from your television or electrical appliances on show, hide them behind furniture where you know they'll be out of reach from wandering paws. An even safer idea, though, is to invest in some rubber cable protector covers that attach to your walls or skirting boards.

That way you'll be certain that your wires will bring no harm to your little pooch.


Likewise with chewing things like cables, dogs can make their way into your personal belongings, like shoes and clothes. While this doesn't pose a danger to your pet, it's a nuisance on your behalf, and one that can easily be avoided.

So to save your favourite pair of designer shoes from being torn to shreds, store your shoes in the bottom of your wardrobe. Shoe racks can be neatly placed inside closets and are a great way to keep your shoe collection organised. What's more, they'll be safely out of the way from your pesky pet.

Safety locks

Foods and liquids in floor-level kitchen and bathroom cupboards can serve as a hazard to your dog. It is a good idea, therefore, to purchase some safety locks, like those designed to protect children.

This way, you can rest in the knowledge that your pet won't come to any harm or create a mess in your home.

You may also wish to attach child safety gates at the bottom of your staircase to prevent your furry friend from going upstairs and getting its paws into something it shouldn't.

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