Usually a combination of an oven, separate hob and a grill, cookers come in many different forms and those in the market for a new one will have to consider how often they will use it and for what purposes before deciding upon a model.

What's more, homeowners will want the appliance to fit in aesthetically with the rest of the kitchen and the other devices in it, especially as this room is increasingly used as a place for socialising.

There are numerous factors buyers have to take into consideration before deciding upon a cooker, such as its shape and the amount of available room in the kitchen, while the number of people using the machine might also have a bearing on what consumers go for.

Five types of cooker to consider:

1 - Gas cooker

These appliances may be suited to those looking to heat their meals quickly on the hob, while cooking various dishes at different speeds can be achieved through the use of zoned oven temperatures.

2 - Electric cooker

People desiring faster cooking times and a more evenly distributed temperature may be drawn to cookers with an electric fan oven. These devices can be quicker to preheat, while the flavours of different foods do not become mixed thanks to the fan circulating air.

3 - Double oven cooker

These appliances enable users to cook with the top and bottom segments of the oven separately, which affords greater flexibility to those looking to prepare different meals - such as mums feeding their fussy children.

4 - Range cooker

Those feeding large numbers on a regular basis may prefer range cookers for their greater size - the appliances tend to boast up to eight gas burners and a double oven.

5 - Dual fuel cooker

Consumers uncertain about gas or electric could enjoy the best of both with a dual fuel cooker.

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