There are certainly lots of good reasons to consider buying a new boiler, but since this is a significant purchase, it is important you do your research beforehand.

What type of boiler are you looking for? Are you going to use it to heat the shower, or will it be for radiators only? These are among the many different questions you need to ask yourself before taking the plunge and deciding on the model you want to go with.

The last thing you want in the winter months is a boiler that isn't suited to your needs, so be sure to choose a type that not only performs the way you want it to, but also to select one that's appropriate for the size of your home.

To help you make your mind up, we have listed the three different types of available boilers below, giving you the chance to select the type that'll work best for you.

Combi boilers

Most of you are likely to find the combi boiler is the best route to go down. It is the most common type of new boiler and is able to control both your hot water and central heating from just one unit. The full title of this appliance is the gas combination boiler and it is likely to be popular among those of you wanting the machine to take up as little room as possible. Combi boilers do not need additional items such as a cold water feed cistern or a hot water storage cylinder, yet they have the capacity to heat all types of houses, apart from perhaps the very biggest. Given the time it takes for the boiler to heat up the water, you might also find there is a slight delay in getting the hot water through after having turned the tap on. This is only a minor issue, but may be something you want to bear in mind, especially if you're often in a rush to get ready for work in the morning.

Heat-only boilers

Those of you living in a large home may find heat-only boilers are a little more suited to your needs. These appliances are great in bigger properties as they can easily deliver more hot water to different parts of the house at once. Remember, however, that heat-only boilers - as the name suggests - only serve to power radiators, so could be a no-go if you're looking for one to work for your shower as well. If you're house is not particularly large then these are unlikely to provide the answer you're looking for as the setup needs a separate hot water storage system. This is often comprised of a hot water cylinder and cold water cistern - items that require a little more room.

Oil boilers

Is your home connected to a mains gas supply? If not - which is often the case for individuals living in the countryside - then oil varieties could be just the boiler type for you. It is therefore a lot less likely that many of you would opt for this kind of system, but they are vital for those with no alternative.

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