We all use cookers on a regular basis, but have you ever stopped to consider whether or not your cooker is the right one for you? Don't forget, there are many different types of this appliance - and having the one most suited to your needs really can make a difference.

Do you regularly cook for a big family? Are you often in a rush and do not have much time to spend on preparing food? Do you like to host dinner parties to impress your friends and family? These are all questions you should consider before buying a cooker, as different models have different qualities.

One of the main things to consider is how often you are likely to use the appliance. Those of you who enjoy making big dinners for large numbers may be better off with a different style than those living on your own who are more interested in eating meals than the preparation of them.

Consumers are placing an increasing value on the aesthetics of their kitchens - so it is important that appliances not only work well, but also look great and fit in with the overall feel of the room.

As such, you will have to give plenty of thought to the size and shape of your cooker. Do you want a modern version with a touchscreen hob, or would you rather stick to the more traditional variety?

For those of you struggling to make your mind up, we've put together a list of the different types of cooker available.

Gas cooker

These appliances are great for heating meals on the hob, so should be ideal for those who are short on time, but enjoy the preparation process. Pasta and soup fans, for example, may find gas cookers great for when they're in a hurry and need a quick fix. These cookers are also able to heat various dishes at different speeds thanks to zoned over temperatures. Parents with little ones who like different foods may find this is the perfect way to keep everyone happy.

Electric cooker

One of the main benefits of electric cookers is that they have more evenly distributed temperatures thanks to their electric fan. The circulation of this fan means none of the flavours of different foods become mixed, which could be good news for those wanting to make various meals at the same time. These appliances tend to be quicker to preheat than other models - a feature likely to appeal to those who aren't the most patient when it comes to making food.

Range cooker

Do you enjoy the challenge of cooking for lots of people at a time? If so, then a range cooker could be just what you're looking for. These appliances are significantly larger than other products - with machines boasting eight gas burners and a double oven not being uncommon. If you have the room to spare and would like your oven to be the centre of attention in your kitchen, then this appliance could be a winner.

Other options

Double oven cooker and dual fuel cooker. Double oven cookers allow people to cook with the top and bottom segments of the oven separately, which can be great for mums with fussy eaters. For those of you unsure whether a gas or electric type is right for you, a dual fuel cooker offers the best of both worlds.

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