A kitchen is never complete without a great fridge freezer and, with summer getting into full swing, yours is going to get more of a workout than usual for chilling those beers to have around the barbecue or keeping your stock of ice cream cool. Yet with the range of features available, sometimes it can be hard to choose the right one for you. So we've come up with our five favourite fridge freezer features, which we hope can help you decide.

Ice dispensers and water coolers

When you come in from doing a couple of hours of gardening, probably the first thing you're going to want is a cold drink. One of our the best things about American-style fridge freezers is they usually come with a built in water cooler or ice dispenser. So you can quickly get a cold glass of water or put some ice into a fresh cup of juice.

Temperature warning

Most people will have had that experience where they've accidentally left the freezer door open and all of their frozen stuff has defrosted or when their fridge has been too warm and their food has ended up going off. Being warned about when your fridge freezer is too warm means you won't have to deal with this again and you can find a number of high end models with this feature. Open door alarms are great too so you can be alerted to the fact you have left your door ajar, saving you from having to do your weekly shop all over again.

Good door racks and drinks racks

Getting a fridge with a good door rack will help you make the most of your food storage space. In summer you will want space to store your wine and beer ready for when your friends come round for a garden party or barbecue, so it might be worth looking for one with can holders or a wine rack so that you are struggling for space when finding somewhere for your drinks.

Rollers and castors

Having rollers or castors on the bottom of your fridge will make cleaning a whole lot more pleasant as they make moving your fridge freezer easier. You will have much less trouble getting under your fridge freezer to dust and you won't do your back in trying to move it.

Humidity control

If you store a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables then you want to do something to stop them from either going soggy or drying out. On the other hand, if you like to keep a lot of fresh meat then you will want to know how to prolong the life of this. Being able to control the humidity in your fridge freezer will solve these issues and some come with a humidity compartment included. These compartments allow you to manually control the amount of moisture in the air, so turning it up will stop your fruit and vegetables from drying out while turning it down will stop them from going soggy and make your fresh meat last longer.

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