There are loads of tasty barbecue meals that are easy to prepare and can make a nice change.

Here are some great ideas that are sure to make you king or queen of the grill:


This is a really easy idea that can be made to several different tastes. You just need meat or vegetables and kebab sticks.

It is a good idea to use wooden kebab sticks as they don't hold as much, so are easier to handle than metal options.

However, you do need to soak them in water for ten minutes before preparing your kebabs to reduce burning and sticking.

When it comes to using meat, for added flavour, it is a good idea to marinate it in spices or a liquid marinade for a few hours or overnight before putting chunks of it on the kebabs. This will create a more interesting flavour.

You can add flavour to vegetable kebabs with spice and herb infused oils, which can be brushed over the kebabs just before cooking, or hard cheeses like halloumi. These kebabs will take less time to cook than meat varieties.

Sticky ribs

A great alternative to the standard fare at barbecues is to provide sticky ribs. These can be created in a number of different flavours depending on your personal tastes.

They are also a great finger food, even if slightly messy, meaning they are ideal for sharing and cooking in bulk.

The key is to create a marinade and ensure the ribs get enough time to soak up the flavour. Add more sauce as they are cooking - which you should do as a rack to ensure the meat doesn't become too dry - and even provide a dipping sauce.

It is also a good idea to have plenty of napkins on standby.

Grilled corn

You can also create sides on the barbecue, which offer a great addition to the usual coleslaw and potato salad. Grilled corn is easy to do and is incredibly tasty.

Simply wrap individual corn cobs up in tin foil with a knob of butter and pop them on the grill for around 15 to 20 minutes. Turn them occasionally to allow even cooking.

The corn is ready to serve when it is soft. Provide more butter and enjoy.

Tuna steaks

Fresh tuna steaks are a great option for grilling on the barbecue because they are quite a firm fish. They can also be served rare, medium or well-done, making them an excellent option for grilling to order.

You can either cook them as they are with a bit of seasoning, or create a marinade - such as teriyaki - for added flavour. Either way, they take minutes to cook - similar to a beef steak - so are a quick and easy barbecue option.

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