Part VII Transfer (The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000)

As a result of the UK's decision to withdraw from the EU, Domestic & General Insurance PLC intend to transfer International policies in certain EEA jurisdictions to our new insurance company in Germany which will be within the Domestic & General group of companies.

The transfer is being undertaken to allow us to continue to service policies and write business in Europe after the Brexit date.

The links below provide the details of the Part VII Scheme Transfer together with FAQ "Frequently Asked Questions".

UPDATE 24TH MAY 2019: We advised you previously that, following agreement between the UK and the EU to a flexible extension of Article 50 until 31st October 2019, we postponed our Court Sanctions hearing and so the transfer did not take place on 12th April 2019.

The transfer is now expected to be in late October 2019 should the UK leave the EU without a transitional deal. If a deal is reached before the end of October 2019, we will reconsider our options and will update policyholders on any revised plans for the completion of the Part VII Transfer in due course by putting further information on this website.


Part VII Transfer Scheme Document

Part VII Transfer Scheme Document Summary

Part VII Scheme Transfer Policyholder Notification (Transferring Policyholders)

Part VII Scheme Transfer FAQ’s (Transferring Policyholders)

Part VII Scheme FAQs (Non-Transferring Policyholders)

Part VII Independent Experts (IE) Report

Part VII Independent Experts (IE) Summary Report

Part VII Independent Experts (IE) Supplemental Report

Part VII Notice to the Court


Documentazione relativa alla base giuridica del regime di trasferimento di cui alla parte VII

Notifica ai titolari di polizza del regime di trasferimento di cui alla parte VII

Domande frequenti in relazione al regime di trasferimento di cui alla parte VII

Relazione di sintesi dell’esperto indipendente di cui alla parte VII

Avviso alla Corte di cui alla parte VII


Teil VII Zusammenfassendes Dokument zur Übertragung

Teil VII Regelung zur Übertragung von Versicherungen

Teil VII Fragen und Antwortung zur Übertragung

Teil VII Unabhängige Experten (IE) – Zusammenfassungsbericht

Teil VII Mitteilung an den Gerichtshof


Parte VII Resumen del documento del plan de transferencia

Parte VII Notificación de los titulares de pólizas de transferencia de planes

Parte VII Preguntas y respuestas sobre la transferencia de esquemas

Informe VII de la Parte VII de Expertos Independientes (IE)

Parte VII Notificación a la Corte


Parte VII Resumo do documento do plano de transferência

Parte VII Notificação do Tomador de Transferência de apólices

Parte VII Esquema Transferir perguntas e respostas

Parte VII Relatório de Resumo de Peritos Independentes (IE)

Parte VII Aviso ao Tribunal de Justiça


Partie VII Résumé du document relatif au schéma de transfert

Notification aux titulaires de police de transfert de régime de la partie VII

Partie VII questions et réponses sur le transfert de régime

Partie VII du rapport de synthèse des experts indépendants (IE)

Partie VII Avis au tribunal


Część VII Schemat planu transferu

Część VII Schemat Przenoszenie polisy ubezpieczeniowej

Część VII Schemat Prześlij pytania i odpowiedzi

Część VII Raport niezależnych ekspertów (IE)

Część VII Ogłoszenie skierowane do Trybunału


Deel VII Overdrachtschema Documentoverzicht

Deel VII Regeling overdracht verzekeringnemer

Deel VII Schema Overdracht van vragen en antwoorden

Deel VII Verslag van de onafhankelijke deskundigen (IE)

Deel VII Kennisgeving aan het Hof