Frequently asked questions

My Account

My Account is the easy way to manage all your plans and policies online, book repairs, and get expert advice. Log in to My Account.

  • First, we can help you reset your password.

    If a password reset isn’t possible, you can also create a new account with a different email address. This new account will hold all your existing plans, repairs, and details – just like the account you had before.

    If your question is about creating an account, please see the FAQ ‘I’m having trouble creating an account’ directly below.

  • When creating an account, the details you enter online must exactly match the details on your plan or policy.

    To make sure you’re entering the right details, please do the following:

    1. Find any plan or policy documents you’ve received from us by email or post
    2. Copy the exact name and address from these documents to create your online account

    You’ll be able to update these details once your online account is created.

    If we don’t recognise the name or address you’ve entered, we may ask for your plan or policy number instead.

    You can find the plan or policy number on any related documents that you’ve received from us by email or post. Or if you pay by direct debit, you’ll see the number on the direct debit reference on your bank statements.

  • If you already have My Account, you can ignore the email and log in with your existing details.

    Or if you’re unsure of your existing details, you can:

    1. Follow the link in the email to create a new account
    2. Select “Forgot your password” to reset the password on your existing account
    3. Visit our create a new account page
  • You can enter any one of your plan or policy numbers at this stage – we’ll use this to find all of your plans or policies and display them in My Account.

  • We’re making some updates to My Account, and we want to make sure your details are correct and secure. You’ll only have to do this once; you’ll then be able to access the new My Account by logging in with your email address and new password.

  • You can change your password by logging into My Account.

    Or if you’re unsure of your existing password, visit our forgotten my password page.

  • If you are having trouble logging into the new My Account for the first time, please try creating a new account here. Please use the name and address that are on your plan(s); that way the new account will show your existing plans, repairs, and details.

    Still having trouble? Contact us

  • You can change your contact details and address by logging into My Account and selecting “My Details”.

  • If you have purchased your policy in the last 24 hours and are not able to view your documents, please check back soon as we are currently uploading them.

    If your documents are not available to view/download in My Account you can request a copy to be sent to you via email, by logging into My Account and selecting “Email me my plan". This can take up to 24 hours.

    You will only be able to view your latest plan/policy document or renewal document in My Account. Your plan/ policy and renewal documents will continue to be sent to you through your chosen preference email/post.

  • If your plan is due for renewal in the next 30 days you will be able to view your latest renewal document in My Account prior to your renewal date. You will still receive your renewal documents via your chosen method i.e. post or email.